Assignment #3

Dear Managers,

I’d like to congratulate you for your responses in the last assignment, the board are very happy with your progress.

For your next assignment, we would like you to answer these questions in preparation for a press conference. Who knows, it could be your team in the same position as Barcelona or PSG one day and we need to make sure that you are confident and professional with your answers.

You can answer as either a Barca or PSG manager. Useful vocabulary is pictured above. We look forward to your comments – and let’s remember correct punctuation for this task!


The Chairman

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  1. Assignment #3 (Reaction PSG)

    As the crowd went silent I felt the adrenaline dash down my spine, like sky – diving on a trampoline, it was an extraordinary experience not only for us but for Cavani to have the feeling of being back on track and back in the game

  2. Dear chairman

    PSG manager

    .I felt confident going into the game because we can dominate Barcelona

    .Personaly I thought both goals were quite lucky and my defenders could of done allot better

    . I felt like all the blood in my body drained out of me

    .When we scored the stadium lost theirs voice but yes the atmosphere was

    When the injury time goals went in I felt heart broken

    . In my opinion Neymar was man of the match for his expuisit free kick

    . Just to keep are heads up high and learn from this game

  3. Lionel Messi :
    I felt worried at the start of the game because we had a lot of ground to make up to get into the next round of the champions league. we felt pressure because all of our fans came to the game and hoped for a good result.

    I was lost for words about the two goals because it meant we were back in the game. However we still needed more goals in the second period to finish the job and get to the next round.

    Neymar :
    I felt like I really had to get my free kick in so I positioned my self as I took the free kick and then I went for it and before I could even look where the ball went I heard a roar of excitement that came from the stadium.

    Arda :
    When the game finished and the whistle blew all I heard was delighted fans that made a miniature earthquake and thats how I knew they were happy .

    S.Roberto :
    I have only one word to explain the injury time goal and that is ecstatic.

    Luis Enrique:
    In my opinion the man of the match is Neymar because of his resilience, determination and commitment. And because he used all of those things he scored two goals.

    Luis Enrique :
    The teams aims is to communicate more play good football and most of all, show commitment, resilience and determination.

  4. Dear Chairman,

    PSG Manager,
    Hello everybody, this game will be remembered as one of the best comeback ever. No Barcelona fan will ever forget this night. Here are my thoughts on the game: I felt confident going into this game because we had a four goal advantage and the players were extremely confident and exited. As the first two goals went in I was still confident however I lost confidence because Barcelona were going all out attack and everybody knows how lethal MSN is.When Cavani scored that cracking volley I thought we were destined to go through. I thought it changed from loyal fans chanting to a immense silence as the goals went in. I felt as if I got a heart attack, the only emotion I felt was sadness along with the distraught PSG players. In my opinion the man of the match was Neymar purely because of his two goals, assist and that extraordinary free kick. Our aims now is to stay tight at the back and try to win every competition we are in and reach the final in next years champions league.

  5. Assignment#3

    Barcelona Manager

    As PSG conquered us in the 1st leg by winning 4-0, I felt confident. As we scored the 1st goal, I felt the andrenaline pumping down my spine because we were a good team and the confidence in me made me feel happy. When PSG scored a goal I knew that would be the end for us but I didn’t give up.

    Messi: When I first stood on the pitch, I felt scared,scared because I knew we would lose because we lost an astonishing amount but that didn’t make me give up. I scored a couple of goals and VOILA we won.

  6. Dear Mr Chairman,

    I would like to sign: Sanchez, because he has really strong shots as well as immaculate pace, I would also like to sign Giroud because he is a big areal threat on the pitch,I would also like to sign Ozil because of his master class vision and his ability to pick out passes.

  7. Dear Mr Chairman,
    assignment #3 – (Barcelona manager)

    I felt extremely positive before the match because of my team’s previous performances but on the other hand I knew they would give us a run for our money.
    After the match I was really proud of the lads and how hard they worked to keep our team in the competition this was a moment worth spending.

  8. Dear Mr Chairman,
    Home: At home we have to player with high pressure because we have studied the pitch and are completely familiar with it’s conditions.However, we also have a disadvantage, if we draw they can win on away goals if we win it is a certified victory.

    Away:When we are away it is a possession game so the opposition can have none of the ball.This way we will be in full control of the game and be guaranteed to win.

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