Fantasy Football is HERE!

Dear Managers,

You have been working hard carefully selecting and signing players for your 2017-18 season. The focus this term is statistics. Your budget was 75 million and I have been impressed with your progress in adding various decimal numbers.

Here was the scoring criteria for game week 1:

Here is the league table after game week 1:

Please share your thoughts and opinions on how your squad did on the first game week…

Who impressed you?

Who scored the most points?

Who needs to improve?

Yours Sincerely,

The Chairman

Mid Season Break Activity!

Good Evening Managers,

I hope you all have been enjoying your mid season breaks.

We briefly discussed an enjoyable task where you were required to research a memorable goal by a player of your choice. Now is the chance to do this by replying to this post.

You could:

  1. Discuss why this goal is memorable.
  2. Explain why you have chosen this player.
  3. Include a video link or picture.

I look forward to your responses… And please, I would appreciate it if you kept the goals against Arsenal to a minimal (Messia)! 🙂


The Chairman


Many managers have been working hard on your FM assignments and have been regularly responding to these on the blog. As a result of this, the board would like to reward you for your good performance by putting on a games session.

Wednesday is the deadline for you to comment with your manager points. Remember, an example of how to do this is below. Any comments after Wednesday will not be made into cards, as staff will not have time to print these in the club shop. DON’T MISS OUT!

See you at our weekly meeting on Friday,

The Chairman

Assignment #4

Dear Managers,

As a reward for all of the hard work you have been doing, the board has agreed to reward you by having a card game session.

We will be playing the classic game of ‘Top Trumps’ where you will actually feature on the cards as managers.

Your task is to comment below giving yourself a 1-10 points score for each of the 6 attributes. You have a MAXIMUM of 40 points to use.

An example of what you could comment (take notice how the pink numbers add to 40):

Remember, you can only use 40 points in total and you must use the above attributes.

The Chairman